Personifications in Greek Art

The Representation of Abstract Concepts. 600-400 B.C.


(1993) 16 x 22 cm. 302 Seiten mit 187 s/w Abb. Fadengeheftet, Broschur.

ISBN 978-3-905083-05-7.


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About the author

H.A. Shapiro is Professor of Archaeology Emeritus and Academy Professor at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD. He is the author of «Greek Vases from Southern Collections» (1981), «Art and Cult under the Tyrants in Athens» (1989), and «Myth into Art. Poet and Painter in Classical Greece» (1994); co-author of «Greek Vases in the San Antonio Museum of Art» (1995).


John Hopkins University Department of Classics



About the book

Personification of abstract concepts is a distinctive feature of Greek poetry from the time of Homer and of Greek art from the early sixth century. In this iconographical study, centered on Attic vase-painting, all the representations are studied against the background of the litererary tradition and the evidence for cult worship of personified divinites.